Edith Steyer is a free improvising clarinet and saxophone player with the roots in jazz and classical music of the 20th century. She is dedicated to the exploration of her instruments and works with different preparations and elements like skins, water and wind and lately also with electronic devices. Next to working on a solo concept, her foremost interest is to create highly expressive and at the same time intelligently woven interactions with other artists. Right now she is working intensively on the expansion of possibilities, that are inherent to the awkward fingerings of the „old fashioned“ german system clarinet. She perceives it as a challenge for the motoric senses and at the same time as a source for inspiration to develop ideas for instrumental (de-)structuring and compositional constructions. She is also working in different music theatre groups and has the capability and a big interest in moving on stage.                                                              photo©IanStenhouse



Live from the creativesources festival, Berlin, 2019

Berlin, 2019