photo by Manuel Miethe


Edith Steyer – alto saxophone, clarinet, preparations, compositions

Matthias Müller – trombone

Yorgos Dimitriadis – drums, mics


Liz Kosack – keyboards


The CD poles and pulse unites seemingly contrary poles, like composition and free improvisation, the negation of a steady rhythm and pulse, the north and the south pole.While KERN as a consisting trio from Berlin dedicates itself to the compositions, it jumps, extended to a quartet with keyboarder Liz Kosack, right into the unknown adventure of free improvisation. Performed in an alternate sequence, the contrary poles mirror each other and carry elements of the other in themselves.


cd cover art and design by Ian Stenhouse



„(…) Beispiel einer selten eleganten und großartig ausgeführten, strukturierten Improvisation. In dieser Art, zart im Free Jazz verankert.“(Andrzej Nowak, Übersetzung Justina Makowski)

cover art by Scott Weiner

„(…) Spielerisch top, gut zuhörend und hochreaktiv werden die kernigen und sketchhaften Mikro-Kompositionen und Konzepte aus der Feder der Holzbläserin Edith Steyer unter äußerst spielfreudiger aber stets in einem wohlwollenden Dynamikbereich angesiedelter Unterstützung einer aus Posaunist Müller und Schlagzeuger Dimitriadis bestehenden und sehr feinsinnig augierenden Rhythmusgruppe in lebendiges, zartes, auf der Zunge zergehendes Impro-Freisch gehüllt. (…)“ (dr. wu, freistil, Österreich, November/Dezember 2018)

„(…)Mittendrin is a notable debut and a confirmation that the KERN members are sure to keep turning up on notable sessions while creating those of their own.“ Ken Waxman


Kern is a berlin-based free improvising trio with its own style and canon of sounds. The exploration of the extension of the instruments alto sax/clarinet, trombone, drums and the interactive play are the 2 pillars of this small combo. Matthias Müller und Yorgos Dimitriadis are two well know artists in the europe-wide improvising music scene, who impress by the individual approach to their instruments and sensitive interplay. Both have solo recordings out. Steyer, who also got credits as a composer, composed little sketches for the band, that are strewn in between the improvised parts.

Of course Kern is about the essence of things, of us, of music and everything…